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Project references subsea environmental monitoring

Statoil Integrated Environmental Monitoring IEM

3 year R&D contract 2011-2014 collaboratively between Statoil, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, IBM, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Kongsberg Maritime, develop a real-time monitoring system. KM Subsea division handles the complete WP1, subsea solution. Det Norske Veritas (DNV), IBM and Kongsberg Oil&Gas handles WP2 topside solution.

AALDOG Active Acoustic Leakage Detection of Oil & Gas

Collaborative project. Kongsberg Maritime, Statoil, Metas , Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR) and Institute of Marine Research (IMR). CLAM Collaborative embedded networks for submarine surveillance EU based R&D project collaborative between Kongsberg Maritime , Universities of Twente Roma and Padova, Microflown Technologies, Sintef ICT, CINI. Underwater sensor networks including sensors for subsea gas leakage detection and mobile nodes (AUVs) as sensor carriers.

Marine Renewables

Recording underwater background noise in areas allocated for development of tidal energy (Pentland Firth, Orkney, Scotland) and wave energy (Outer Hebrides, Scotland).

Whale tracking

Whale tracking with fisheries sonar, projects with BP in the Beaufort sea, Alaska and one other project collaborative with Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) tracking killer whales in Ofotfjorden, Norway.

The Ocean HUB Project

Monitoring the behaviour of herring in a wintering area in the Ofotfjorden, Norway. The Institute of Marine Research (IMR), NUI AS (Norsk Undervannsintervensjon), Kongbsberg Maritime - Simrad Fishery Research.

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