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Transponder electronics module


cNode OEM

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The cNODE OEM electronics, together with a transducer and external power, functions as a transponder. Designed for integration into custom subsea housings the transponder is fully compatible with HiPAP, cPAP and μPAP positioning systems.

Titanium transducer TD80V Low.

The cNODE OEM provides flexibility to integrate KONGSBERG transponder electronics into a custom pressure housing. This provides advantages to reduce size, weight and the need for interface cabling for a transponder payload.

A variety of flush mount and remote transducers are available, to provide optimal performance in shallow, deep water or horizontal positioning applications for AUVs, ROVs, gliders, towed fish or nodes.

The same SSBL, LBL and telemetry capability is featured on the board as per a standard cNODE providing the same performance when positioning the transponder with any HiPAP SSBL or cPAP LBL system.

Operating in the Medium Frequency 20khz to 30Khz band, both FSK and Kongsberg Cymbal navigation codes are available. Cymbal wideband offers 560 unique navigation codes and range accuracies of better than 2cm, are achievable.

  • Cymbal wideband codes (560+)
  • HPR 400 (FSK) channels
  • 21 – 31 kHz band (MF)
  • Responder and transponder functions
  • Telemetry
  • SSBL positioning mode
  • LBL positioning mode
  • Interfaces to a variety of transducers
  • Tilt sensor

Power characteristics

  • Required external power supply: 22.5 - 29.5 VDC, 24 V Nom
  • Standby power: < 100 mW
  • Transmitting power (max): 250 W
  • Transmitting power settings: Max, High, Low, Min (6 dB steps)
  • Transmitting power levels will vary with transducer beams
  • Max Transmitting Source level: 203 dB (in a narrow beam)
  • Data interfaces: RS232 and 1-wire

Printed circuit board

  • Dimensions l / w / h: 142 mm / 63 mm / 22 mm
  • Additional external capacitors (2 off): 18 mm / 5 mm / 10.5 mm
  • Additional transformer h x Ø: 32 mm / 42 mm
  • Integrated MEMS tilt sensor: +/-90 degrees
  • Responder trigger signal: 5 V to 25 V positive logic pulse (2 ms - 6 ms)
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to +55°C

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