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Alarm and monitoring system, K-Chief 600


Typical K-Chief 600 operator interface
Typical K-Chief 600 operator interface.
Alarm summary display
Alarm summary information display. View larger image - daylight colours
View larger image - dusk colours

The alarm and monitoring system is the basic functionality of the K-Chief 600 marine automation system. The main purpose of the system is to give ship's officers all the basic alarm and status information they require to maintain safe and efficient operation of the machinery and other related equipment.

Alarm and logging functions

The logging printer and the colour graphics display records all status changes, such as alarm acknowledgements and alarm condition cleared. When all alarm conditions are cleared, the system returns to normal. Alarm limits and delays are adjustable by using the Operator Panel. A counter function keeps track of running hours for engines, pumps and related items. This function can also accumulate flow. Counter values are shown on the colour graphics display or may be printed.

Alarms and other information is presented either as lists or graphic displays on the operator stations or local operator stations. To record alarms and events a number of different logging options are available including complete log, alarm summary log, group log, etc.

Alarm and monitoring system benefits

  • Alarm detection with visual and acoustic alarm indication
  • Alarm groups, summary & history
  • Alarm extension system for bridge & cabins for UMS operation
  • Exhaust Gas temperature monitoring
  • Inhibit of alarms (alarm block)
  • Colour graphic presentation
  • Logging of alarms and events to printer
  • Running hours & counters
  • Logs (event log, noon log, and others)
  • Ship & system information
  • Trend monitoring
  • Bargraph display of selected points
  • Performance monitoring
  • Personal alarm system

Available options

The system can be delivered as alarm and monitoring system only, or can at any time be extended to include power management system, system control and a variety of other functions such as ballast automation, air conditioning control, reefer monitoring and fire system.

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