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Gun handling systems

Gun handling systems

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Main components

The Gun Handling System consists of the following main components:

  • Air manifold
  • Gun winch
  • Spooling guide
  • Overhead craneway system
  • Stern gate
  • Slipway tool
  • Source handling system

Our gun handling system reduces the number of different spare-parts carried by using the same type of motors, valves and gears wherever possible. All winches and handling systems for gun handling are built to customer requirements and specifications in close cooperation with the ship design company.

Air manifold

The winch compressor air manifold system can be either remote controlled or manual, specified to meet the individual customers requirement.

Gun winch

Our gun winches are slim and can be equipped with our newly developed load tension system. An easy adapter system for quick connection to the onboard air system is also a part of our scope of supply.

Spooling guide

A spooling guide for securing the cables entrance onto the drums, is installed straight behind the gun winches.

Overhead craneway system

An overhead craneway system can be installed to ensure maximum utilisation when storing the arrays. The craneway is delivered with either an electric or a hydraulic drive system, connected to our remote control system for easy operation.

Stern gate

Our stern gate is newly developed to minimise the amount of sea-water entering the vessel in harsh weather conditions. The stern gates can be adapted to the required size.

Slipway tool

The slipway tool has a special drive design that enables quick operation, and secures no jamming. The slipway tool can easily be adapted to all vessels with our interface bracket for wooden or steel decks.

Source handling system

We have developed a brand new source handling system for automatic deployment and retrieval of sources; soft arrays or stiff arrays can now be handled automatically. This makes a 30 year old process much safer.

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