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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for subsea environmental monitoring

Remus and Hugin AUV's

Our fleet of AUVs ranges from the lightweight REMUS 100 to our flagship HUGIN, which is capable of performing surveys to depths of 4000 m and operating for up to 48 hours at a time.

AUVs operate without cable and can manoeuvre according to a pre-programmed mission plan for days, at depths of several thousand meters without any external reference or operator input. The AUV can carry virtually any sensor relevant for environmental monitoring. They are silent cost-effective platforms with limited disturbance to marine life and can cover large areas and navigate with high precision.

An AUV can navigate with reference to the surface or the bottom and can get very close to targets of interest to provide optimal high-resolution recording conditions for sensors. Practically all existing environmental sensors are already interfaced and tested on Kongsberg Maritime AUVs, which because of their use as survey platforms, are field proven in all ocean conditions, including ice covered areas.

Seaglider AUV in action - rising to the surface
Extremely long endurance allows it to traverse thousands of kilometers in a single deployment.

Seaglider™ is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed for continuous, long term measurement of oceanographic parameters. Rather than an electrically driven propeller, the vehicle uses small changes in buoyancy and wings to achieve forward motion. The system’s pitch and roll are controlled using adjustable ballast (the vehicle battery). Seaglider can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and is a suitable tool for environmental monitoring.

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