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eBird - Seismic cable control

eBird® lateral, vertical and roll control of seismic cables.

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Lateral, vertical and roll control of seismic cables

eBird® is unique in seismic operations with its ability to control lateral position of the streamer in addition to vertical position and roll orientation. eBird® is a bird for lateral, vertical and roll streamer control in marine seismic acquisition. This enables the surveyor to have positive control of streamer roll orientation, depth and separation during the whole operation including deployment and retrieval.

The increased accuracy of the streamer shape will enhance acquisition of data and even give the possibility to replicate streamer shape for later survey of the same area for better to compare data. Survey is less limited of weather conditions when it comes to currents and streamer aspect angles. The time to turn the seismic surveyor may be reduced and conducted in a safer way. These elements results in a safer and more cost-effective operation.

Novel technology

The eBird® is equipped with robust and advanced steering devices ensuring continuous operation for all types of streaming cable. The innovative implementation of technology with no connector between body and wings makes the eBird® robust for all operational conditions.

Easy deployment and retrieval

The eBird® is made of titanium to gain a high tensile strength as well as extraordinary corrosion resistance. The wings are easy to connect and disconnect for an efficient deployment and retrieval of the seismic cable. The eBird® body is short and slender to avoid any damage when winding up and off the streamer drum.

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