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Streamer Handling System

Streamer Handling System

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Main components

The Streamer Handling System consists of the following main components:

  • Streamer winch
  • Spooling device
  • Lead in winches
  • Cable tray
  • Towing point
  • Streamer lead in block
  • Streamer transfer tool

This streamer handling system reduces the number of different spare-parts carried by using the same type of motors, valves and gears wherever possible.

Streamer winch

Our Streamer Winches we a unique slim design. This is accomplished through the use of an internal gear-box. Internal piping is reduced to a minimum through the use of a specially designed Evo Valve Block - EVB. All valves – manoeuvring, tension (mooring and control), brake, 2-speed and spooling device valves are kept here, making it easy to install and service. All winches are prepared for synchro-operation.

Spooling device

Our Spooling devices can be delivered with chutes or be built onto our streamer leading block (fairlead), securing gentle and accurate automatic spooling. Both synchro and manual modes are available selected from the remote control system.

Lead in winch

Lead in winch

Our Lead in winches are built to customer requirement in terms of the amount of cable to hold and brake/pulling forces. Like our Streamer Winches they feature slim design and EVB, with all of the same benefits that offer. All winches are also prepared for synchro-operation.

Towing point

Our Towing points can be delivered as; key-hole type, stand-alone type, heavy duty, and with longitudinal or transverse (slewing) type. Suspension points are able to rotate 360 degrees and are adapted to fit our unique Streamer lead in blocks (SLB-fairleads). Ranges from 0-50 Ton tension on cable.

Streamer lead in block

Streamer lead-in block

Our Streamer lead-in blocks - SLB-fairleads are the lightest available in the market. Lower weight secures easier flagging, hence no climbing of cable out of the cable track, which again reduces possible damages to the cable and block. With this streamer lead-in block significant weight savings is achieved and additional safety is added for the people working in this area. Tension measuring and fairing up-righter is available as an option.

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