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Integrated bridge system

K-Bridge IBS

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For all sea-going ship types

The K-Bridge Integrated Bridge System - IBS is adaptable to the requirements of all sea-going ship types. It is designed to meet all IMO and classification societies' requirements all the way up to one-man bridge operation. More than 50% of the world's navigators are trained on our bridge simulators. We understand the maritime environment and the need for user-friendly systems.

Customer benefits

K-Bridge integrated bridge system.
K-Bridge integrated bridge system.
  • One man control
  • Rational route planning
  • Automatic route-keeping functions
  • Fail-to-safe mode of operation
  • Functionality and reliability

Easy operation

Our Integrated Bridge System is designed for easy operation to allow maximum time for observation and decision making. This is particularly apparent in our ARPA/radar and ECDIS systems. These systems have the same intuitive user interface, the same panel layout and menu system. Route plans, mariner's notes, charts, radar video and vector presentation are shared between the systems.

"Turn-key" integrated bridge system

Our integrated bridge system is supplied as a "turn-key" delivery. To simplify installation onboard, all systems are pre-installed in their consoles on delivery. Cable connections are wired to easily accessible terminals for quick cable connection onboard. Compliance with relevant rules and regulation are checked before the equipment is installed, thereby avoiding possible expensive redesign on site.

Benefits of integration

  • Palettes are changed simultaneously on all K-Bridge operator stations
  • The active route (the monitored route) is displayed on all K-Bridge stations when selected on one
  • Chart maintenance from one station and mirrored to the others
  • One set of own ship information
  • Track information on conning display - no external interface
  • Radar/ARPA target information available on ECDIS - no external interface
  • Radar/ARPA radar video available on ECDIS - no external interface
  • Radar/ARPA radar video recorded by VDR via LAN - no external interface


K-Bridge integrated bridge system

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