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K-Chief 700 marine automation system building blocks

Modular design

K-Chief 700, is a distributed monitoring and control system built for marine applications. Its flexible, unique architecture allows it to be used for a wide range of tasks within the fields of offshore industry, safety systems and vessel control systems. The main building blocks of the K-Chief 700 marine automation system are:

K-Chief 700 Operator station

Operator station

Are process independent and connected to the communication networks process network and administrative network. They collect and display data from the individual process stations. Each operator station acts as a back-up for the others and each process area can be controlled and monitored from any operator station.


History station

Provides facilities for long-term storage of alarms, events and time-series. It may be a separate station, or integrated with an operator station.

K-Chief 700 field station  

Field station

Used to control and monitor individual
processes. Field stations may be located centrally, or distributed to save cabling costs. Different size field stations are available to meet individual requirements.

Process control unit  

Remote controller units

Used to serve as gateways between the different autonomous sub-systems, and for process controlling and tank volume calculations.

Process control unit  

Remote I/O modules

Used to monitor analogue or digital sensors and provide analogue and digital output to different devices. Different process I/O modules are available to provide interfaces to different types of equipment.

Process network

Dual redundant process network connects all Field Stations and Operator Stations. Equipment located in one area of the vessel is normally connected to a Network Distribution Unit which acts as a star coupler.

SP bus

Used for communication between process controller units and process I/O modules. The cable contains both signal and power supply.


Watch calling system

The Extension Alarm System is used when there are no officers present in the Control Room (for instance during night). If any alarm occurs when there are nobody in the Control Room, the alarm is sent from the Alarm System to the EAS System. The EAS System then presents the alarm on panels located around on the ship, including panels in the officer’s cabins.