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Single-beam Scanning Sonars

Profiling and imaging

Single-beam sonars use a single transducer to transmit and receive acoustic energy signals, or "pings". There are two types of single-beam sonar, profiling and imaging. Imaging sonar is primarily used for visual interpretation and uses a fan-shaped acoustic beam to scan a specified area or target. Profiling sonar is primarily used for quantitative measurements where a narrow, conically shaped beam generates a single point for each ping. With single-beam scanning sonar, the smaller and narrower the horizontal beam, the better the resolution.

  • Two versions of single-beam sonar heads: high-resolution and domed
  • Range of products available with depth ratings from 650 to 11,000 metres
  • Variety of frequencies and feature configurations available
  • Reliable and low maintenance systems
  • Standard telemetry is RS232/RS485, Ethernet optional
  • Requires MS1000 software to operate sonar and process data
Single beam scanning sonar
Single-beam scanning sonar heads (from left): Profiling & imaging domed heads, combined high resolution imaging & profiling head, profiling head mounted on a rotator.