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KONGSBERG Remote Services

KONGSBERG Remote Services

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Kongsberg Remote Services is a tool for secure remote access and support.


  • Reduce operational cost when minimizing the number of service trips
  • Reduce down time, due to immediate Remote Support and Configuration
  • Real time virtual, onboard support
  • Remote Assistance during critical and complex operations
  • Malware Protection, Cyber Security
  • Remote Training with installation specific equipment
  • Periodic inspection for preventive maintenance
  • Improved preparation prior to service visits

KONGSBERG Remote Services is built on a common technology platform for KONGSBERG products. The system is designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the vessel control system via satellite communications. KONGSBERG Global Secure Network is developed by KONGSBERG and all communications are authenticated and encrypted by a Kongsberg Maritime controlled PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) regime.

Global Support Centre
One of KONGSBERGs Global Support Centres.


  • Efficient data routing through KONGSBERG network nodes around the world
  • Diagnostic and configuration possibilities from Kongsberg offices within the KONGSBERG Global Secure Network
  • All sessions must be initiated and confirmed by personnel on board. Only certified Kongsberg engineers can access remote operation rooms located on KONGSBERG sites
  • 24/7 live monitoring of network link
  • Remote support does not require public and/or static IP addresses
  • Uses existing internet connection on the vessel
  • Network is automatically scanned for malware
  • Manual introduction of malware to operator stations is restricted as all USB sticks have to be scanned for malware prior to connecting to an operator station
  • Works on low bandwidth / high latency links

Included in the annual subscription:

Available services

Remote Support

  • Unlimited technical support and guidance
  • Real time virtual, onboard support

Access to Global Secure Network

  • Secure connection for data sharing between customer and KM

Malware Protection

  • Cyber Security (USB, network and OS protection)
  • Latest malware definitions

Enabler for other available Services

Available Services:

Remote Configuration

  • Remote Configuration of onboard SW for Kongsberg Maritime systems
  • Replacing a physical service trip

Remote Diagnostics

  • Health check
  • System optimization
  • Condition monitoring
  • Analyze of recorder data

Remote Training

  • Remote training with vessel specific equipment

Remote Assistance

  • Critical operation supervision and monitoring

Cyber Security

Malware protection

Kongsberg Maritime uses a multi layered cyber security protection:

  • Infrastructure design based on WIB DACA topology
  • PKI regime controlled by Kongsberg Maritime, to establish a secure communication
  • Point to point IPSEC encryption of data traffic
  • VLAN and VRF technology
  • Firewall functionality and strong networks segregation
  • Malware protection (network & USB)
  • Marine approved network components
  • Secure interfacing to third party systems offshore
  • Secure integration with corporate infrastructure
  • Training and certification of engineers
  • Full traceability and video playback of all activity

Malware protection:

  • Real-time malware scanning of all network traffic
  • External media (USB) protection for all Operator Stations
  • Offline malware cleaner for check of Operator Stations
  • Always updated antivirus definitions
  • Transparent to network


Cisco router

Malware protection

KONGSBERG Remote Service kit contains a pre-programmed router, malware protection computer and software for the operator stations. This kit can be installed on a variety of hardware platforms.

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