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HiPAP and HPR calibration tool

After a HiPAP / HPR installation it is necessary to determine a number of offsets between various sensor reference points and axes. These are:

  • Vertical angular offset between transducer axes and roll/pitch sensor axes
  • Horizontal angular offsets between roll/pitch sensor and heading reference
  • Horizontal angular offsets between transducer axis and heading reference
  • Horizontal distance offsets between transducer location and the reference point

Without the calibration tool

The normal procedure when doing the calibration is to locate the vessel at four cardinal points and on top of a seabed installed transponder with four headings.

With the calibration tool

In order to simplify and improve the quality of the alignment scenario, the alignment function in APOS, the HiPAP / HPR operator station, can be used. The alignment function will be logging the vessel position from DGPS along with the measured HiPAP / HPR position of the seabed transponder, and the program will compute the alignment parameters.