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Metrology system


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FerryBox is an autonomous, low maintenance metrology system which has been developed especially for permanent deployment on ships, metrology platforms and river measurement points for long -term in situ monitoring of rivers, estuaries, coastal zones and open sea.

How it works

Due to its special architecture, the system is able to link a multitude of sensors and automatic analysis devices and even perform measurements in difficult media (such as sea water or bubbling water etc.). The modular flow-through system combines high flexibility in the choice of sensor types and methods with a fully integrated anti-fouling concept and the possibility for automatic and remote controlled operation based on the "LabView" software technology.


  • Requires little space because of the compact form
  • Easy to maintain because of the open design and the anti-fouling concept
  • Flexible because of the by-passes and the use of standard components
  • Pressure resistant
  • This type of system can be used below the waterline
  • Remote control is possible

Flow through unit with all necessary housekeeping sensors

  • Pressure
  • Flow meter for inlet and flow main
  • pH Sensor
  • Air bubble reducer

Possible integrations

  • CO2FT
  • CH4FT
  • Chlorophyll A
  • Tubidity
  • Etc.

Automated and integrated anti fouling and cleaning system

  •  Freshwater cleaning
  • Acid cleaning for special anti-fouling procedures
  • (using dosing pump)

FerryBox PC and interfaces

  • Industrial PC (customized)
  • Keyboard
  • Moxa 8x serial interfaces ,USB Connector for Data transfer

Control and data management software

  •  LabView based
  • Graphical control interfaces
  • Automatic cleaning cycles
  • Position control via GPS
  • Different types of telemetries (3G, GPRS, WLAN )
  • Remote control and maintenance
  • Alarm functions
  • Event controlled actions
  • All parameters are stored in separate ASCII files and II can be edited using Excel selected variables can be summarized in one file

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